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As a teacher, you will play many roles during the school day. It’s a real juggling act. Most of the time you don’t know who are about to become until you are right there front and center, with the lights and cameras (student’s eyeballs) are on you.

You may have thought that you would be playing the role as “Salesperson”. Not to say that all the other roles are not important or valuable, but the salesperson is big part of teaching.

Have you ever had the deer in the headlights look? What about the outer space cadet? Have you ever ridden the daydream center? Did the salesperson gain you attention? The job of a salesperson is to get the customer to buy the product.

I never thought that my past would reveal its self in my present. I was a locksmith for many years. I worked with customers all day long, some nice and sweet, and others no so much. No matter what, I stayed focused on what I was selling, rather it was a key or a safe. I had mastered the skill of persuasion. I found a way to present a need to entice the customer.

Salespeople in business take the time to ensure that their customer have whatever they need. The salesperson goes the extra mile to make the sale. How will you engage students? Would this affect the way you present a lesson?